Why I Left East Hamilton Spiritual Church

November 15, 2013: Update… seems there has been a change at East Hamilton Spiritual Church…. a new web site…. I guess the old web designer and his mother are likely out of the church but I am sure all the other issues mentioned below are sadly alive and well… Change is a slow process it seems.

It has come to my attention that over a year after leaving East Hamilton Spiritual Church that I am being bad mouthed by some executive members on the church board. Up until now I have basically said nothing unless it came to my attention through others that I was still being talked about. Since some people cannot seem to tell the truth or not say anything at all I feel I must post the following letters so that people can know what I went through in the two months I was involved with East Hamilton Spiritual Church from March to May 2012 when I first moved to Hamilton.

It is also important to note that before that move in 2012 I was living and working in Toronto and moved to Hamilton with the intention of making the East Hamilton Spiritual Church my home church. In September 2011 I was added to a Facebook group East Hamilton Spiritual Church What’s Going On? and defended the church because I was dragged into drama where 19 people were banned form East Hamilton Spiritual Church for reasons I never did quite understand. What I saw was people making accusations but I did not see actual concrete proof for. Most of what I saw was ex members accusing the board of fraud and to me without proof that is a very serious accusation.

That said, when I came to the church I discovered that the Vice President of the board (Kathleen (Kathy) Barnard)  was the worst gossip monger and took delight in targeting people whom she did not like or who challenged her authority and security in some way. Making fun of how people dressed on Sundays for church or spreading rumours about some people’s sexual orientations and living arrangements are just two examples of the regular goings on at East Hamilton Spiritual Church that I personally witnessed. I also experienced subtle racism from the same woman who made a disparaging comment about one of the students who came to a mediumship  class I was teaching one Thursday night. He happened to be a young black guy in his early 30s who is into the rap scene as he is a DJ. She assumed “he is going to cause trouble” but I explained to the Vice President he was client and a student of mine for several years. So when she said to me “Oh no he is going to cause trouble” I was shocked and offend. I made it clear to her that I knew this man personally and that he was one of the nicest people I have ever met.  She was (from what I can tell) embarrassed and uncomfortable having been caught making such an assumption about someone.

The tipping point though for me through, was when I found out, through Facebook that the web designer for the church website who was a healer in the church was posting Nazi slogans on his personal webpage extolling the virtues of “exterminating the ‘lesser desireables’ in society who were fit to survive the struggle of society”. And his target seemed to be people with Downs Syndrome.  I saw posts making fun of these people’s intellectual impairment. As recall, the photo had the picture of a pre-teen girl with Downs Syndrome and the caption was “I can count to potato”. The most disgusting thing of all this is that his mother (also a member of the board at East Hamilton Spiritual Church) was liking these prejudicial abusive posts.   After trying to talk to the young man about this behaviour and being told to “fuck off”, I brought it to the attention of Vice President of  the board at East Hamilton Spiritual Church as was advised that “he is just a 19 year old fuck up who is trying to find himself”.

This is when I knew that East Hamilton Spiritual Church was not “a safe haven for all who enter” especially not those with intellectual, or physical disabilities or who are not white. As a woman with Cerebral Palsy, who has over come such prejudice,  I did try to have the web designer and his mother removed from their positions at the church  and instead it was me that was banned for voicing my improperly addressed concerns on Facebook when I realize the church board was not going to do anything about it. I feel most sorry for the general congregation and the newly appointed board members who had nothing to do with this nonsense but are in the middle of it nonetheless.

The following letters represent the full exchange that Reverend Leonard (Len) Spicer and I had about the situation. It seems if you are good friends of the Reverend (as the web designer, his mother, and Kathleen (Kathy) Barnard  are) than any behaviour is acceptable.  It is also interesting to note that the web designer, his mother and the Reverend are not even residents of Hamilton. How is it they got so involved in controlling a Hamilton based church in the first place? That may never be clear but the letters are very clear for sure.


From the Desk of Rev. L.P. Spicer

President of East Hamilton Spiritual Church

May 25, 2012

Dear Catherine MacDonald,

On behalf of the officers and congregation, I wish to thank you for your service, which included emergency requests.

However, I have noticed some very distasteful acts of your conduct, which I find unacceptable. As a servant of this Church when you serve, you become a leader and your demeanour at all times must demonstrate social qualities, that encourages all who attend the Church to feel at east and at peace.

Your conduct over the pages of Facebook on the net is degrading from a worker who serves the congregation of East Hamilton Spiritual Church. Your actions and opinions have been humiliating, embarrassing, and offensive, especially in area’s that do not concern you.

Your treatment of the teenager Thomas Needle requires your apology. You accepted an invitation to join a private page on Facebook and in your gauche manner you turn this private page into a public gossip column (I printed the subject matter off) to maintain the Churches image, I have punished Thomas. You also have sent slanderous comments to Thomas’s mother.

For this reason you will no longer be considered to server in any capacity this Church. Your membership of this Church as of this date is withdrawn also your requirements to serve on June 9th 2012 as a reader are no longer needed.

Without prejudice

Reverend L.P. Spicer


From: Catherine MacDonald [mailto:cmac29@rogers.com]

Sent: May-28-12 4:50 AM

To: ‘leonardspicer@yahoo.ca’

Subject: RE: Letter

Hello Reverend Spicer:

I have received your letter and can say that we are in agreement on only two matters and I am quite relieved that I am no longer a member of East Hamilton Spiritual Church and will no longer be required to serve.

As to the other parts of the letter I will simply say that I asked spirit to show me what I needed to see as I had requested them to and I am grateful for that.

Now let’s get the facts straight.

1. Thomas Needle is not a teenager by law he is considered an adult as it is my understanding that he is 19 years of age. He posted disparaging hate speech about people with down syndrome and had Hitler quotes on his page also that encouraged the extermination of undesirables who were not fit to survive the struggle in society. I did try to talk to him about the negativity of this kind of thing and was rudely rebuffed. I brought the situation to the Vice President of the board’s attention and it was blown off as “he’s just a 19 year old fuck up trying to find himself”. Is the an example of not being gauche? I just want to be clear on where you draw the line on what is gauche and what is not.

2. Thomas’ mother is a member of the board and she was the one who came after me threatening me that I needed “to watch what I said about Thomas as I had no idea what his intention was by sharing the posts he did on Facebook”. Was that a threat? I do not have to figure out his intentions and the fact that his mother also liked the posts he shared also puts in question her judgement. If I embarrassed and humiliated her then perhaps public shaming was necessary given the circumstances. I did not slander her. I challenged her distorted logic in her feeble attempts to defend and justify and defend her son’s behaviour and asked her directly if she shared her son’s views. I did not accuse her I simply pointed out how twisted her line of thought was and perhaps that is a good thing in the long run as it is Thomas who embarrassed and humiliated his mother by showing the lack of parental guidance that is obviously going on. She added me as a friend and comes after me on my wall and if it is bad conduct for me to embarrass her then I should think she would also be dealt with in the same manner as Thomas and myself for bad Facebook behaviour. Yet I am more than willing to bet that she is still a member of the board and that her membership in the church and her son’s membership were never actually in question because they are personal friends of yours. It is so nice to see that the rules are so evenly and ethically applied in all situations.

3. I have personally heard the Vice President of the same board gossip to me about people in the church that she does not like and systematically target them so they stop attending. I guess making fun of how someone dresses on Sunday or sings hymns and making fun of people you do not like by making up nasty nicknames for them is an example of acceptable leadership behaviour at East Hamilton Spiritual Church? Just want to be crystal clear what the expectations are here.

4. I heard this same member of the board tell me things that were “board business” when other board members would have been admonished for doing so. It seems she does this if it suits her purpose of belittling others and causing drama in the church to get her own way. Again we can see the value of applying the rules in a fair and balanced manner.

5. The vice president of the board was also so rude to me on the last occasion I was there because I was questioning things that are going on in the church and yes did so publicly as this nonsense was brought to my attention on Facebook and I refused just to let it be shoved under the rug. Is that becoming behaviour for a person in her position? If so I am in the wrong church.

Are these the examples of “a leader and [with a] demeanour at all times must demonstrate social qualities, that encourages all who attend the Church to feel at [ease] and at peace”? Is this what makes East Hamilton a “safe haven for all that enter”? I can say I think not.

You say I should apologize to Thomas and that these issues do not concern me but that Reverend Spicer is where you are absolutely wrong. Thomas is an adult and should know better and his mother should have parented him better no doubt. What is happening in the church is wrong. While there is not much I can do about it in real terms, I do have the right to ask the tough questions and make a decision if this organization is the right one for me to attach my name to. I think we all know the conclusion I came to. To that end revoking my membership and not asking me to serve will have little impact on my life except to reduce the huge amount of stress I had been dealing with since I got involved with the church last September due to the other Facebook group where I defended the church and its board. I do wonder if I defended the wrong people but no matter what that group was doing to the board by libeling the members on Facebook with no proof was wrong and so I spoke up. I am not sorry to do that then and now as it was the ethically right thing to do then and I would do it again if the situation arose. Now I see things that are wrong here within the church and I am calling them out. You and the board can ignore them and sweep them under the rug but that does not change the distorted culture that has taken hold in East Hamilton Spiritual Church. Spirit knows what is true and right and what is not and each of us has to live with our own consciences. I am not sorry for what has happened here as I now have a clear understanding of East Hamilton Spiritual Church specifically and Spiritualism in general and I can tell you that I do not like what I see. I am thankful not to have my name mixed up with the church any longer.

On a personal note, moving to Hamilton was for me about recovering my health and I thought the church was part of that but now I can see I am better off without it. It is obvious to me that the energy of this church and your involvement in Spiritualism has cost you our health and I do have to wonder if any church or Spiritualism itself is worth that kind of stress. If this kind of negativity is what is created in Spiritualism and the churches and this what it does to good mediums and ministers who are respected people in the community then I can say I am glad to be as far out of it as possible. I do know as a younger medium that I will take this as a profound lesson of where I do not want my future to be and I sincerely thank you for that lesson as it surely will prolong my life and allow it to be much more peaceful.

Catherine MacDonald

It is sad to see what happens when a few people have too much control of the decision making power and the outcomes that will undoubtedly have an impact on East Hamilton Spiritual Church for a long time into the future.



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Negative/Problem Thought Patterns: Esteem, Success, Achievement and Logical/ Rationality.

Having looked at our needs in relationship to our sense Belongingness, Acceptance and Love, we now can examine how negative/problem thought patterns impact us in the area of  Esteem, Success, Achievement and Logical/ Rationality. This area is one where our social nature again can pose difficulties for us.

How many people are so hooked into creating the right image so that they can fit in? How is it that society defines success? For example some people feel that they must behave a certain way or acquire certain material success to be considered worthy in the eyes of others. They might be the workaholic who cannot find balance in their lives or they might never be happy with any achievement. These are the people who are also the over-achievers. In school they might be known as “browners” and “teacher’s pets”. In the work place these might be the “type A” personalities who must be the best at everything they do.


Being a good student or a hard worker is not a problem. Most of us want to achieve and do well at the things we do. The problem becomes a matter of level and degree. I know kids that would do 6 hours of homework a night in high school just to get a top 90% mark. They do not have social lives and feel insecure about who they are. They think they need to prove they are worthy by being super achievers. The type A’s in the work place are the ones who arrive early and leave late from work. They eat lunch at their desk and keep working through their lunch and on their breaks. These people are also the ones who tend not to socialize with others because of their own feelings of inadequacy.


Other people have such low self-esteem and a fear of success that they sabotage their own efforts when it comes to getting the success they say they want. They are the ones who are perfectionists also but because they cannot ever do anything absolutely perfectly they refuse to even try at all.

low self esteem

These people are often seen as lazy or slackers. Their lives are usually very chaotic and they may suffer from anxiety and depression because they actually hate themselves for not being perfect. This problem thought pattern in the area of Esteem, Success, Achievement and Logical/ Rationality can be disabling and completely disruptive in a person’s life and is usually rooted in very early childhood experiences where the individual got the message that they were “not good enough”.

fear of failure

Again it is time to ask yourself some questions. Get out your journal. Write down some questions to ask ourselves. It is in the seeking of the answers that we may find healing.

How do I define success?

Do I have a balance of work and leisure in my life?

When it comes to work can I stop and enjoy myself or do I keep working because I have a sense of guilt if I stop or need to prove I am good enough?

When was the first memory I have of inadequacy?

Do I avoid starting projects?

Do I feel anxiety at the prospect of being successful?

When/if I procrastinate what do I do as a way to avoid getting to a task or project?

Again it is important to become aware of extremes. Once you know your patterns of thoughts and behaviours you can change them.  The idea is that we can recreate the situations in our heads. The thoughts become questions like what would happen if I do not work this hard? What would happen if I put more into this? What would happen if I am not perfect or able to do something perfectly and others find out?

Once we realize the negative/problem thought patterns impact us in the area of  Esteem, Success, Achievement and Logical/ Rationality that get in our way in our lives we can work to change or habits.  In the next blog we will look at negative/problem thought patterns impact us in the area of  Self Actualization and Integration.

Negative/Problem Thought Patterns: Belongingness, Acceptance and Love

Having looked at our basic needs relating to Empowerment, Pride, Security now we can move up a level and look at how negative/problem thought patterns impact us in the area of Belongingness, Acceptance and Love. As social creatures the key is to have balance in the relationships with others but this area of our lives can quickly can get out or balance because of negative/problem thought patterns around how we relate to others and create the  relationships in our lives.

Man and woman holding hands image

Love and Belonging in your relationships

For example how many people do you know just cannot be alone and are so wrapped up in having a man or woman in their lives that they tolerate bad emotional dynamics such as co-dependency? On the other hand how many people do you know are commitment phobic and isolated because they are so afraid of getting hurt? How many of you have been in one or the other or both of these places at some point in your life?

Now we all have times when we have trouble navigating our relationships. We may be feeling insecure and so we cling on tight or we may feel like we will be smothered so we pull away. The key is to become aware of how we are out of balance in the relationships in our lives.

Let’s look at a common relationship pattern for many woman and men. When I do readings for clients I often hear these people say desperate things like: “I can’t live with out him/her can you make them  come back?”

Their desire to maintain the status quo is so strong  because they want to gob on to this person and hoard that individual’s energy and so they will do anything to hang on the the lost lover’s energy even if the relationship was very negative.

Why can't you raise your self-esteem so then you can raise mine?

Why can't you raise your self-esteem so then you can raise mine?

On the other extreme, those that fear commitment and isolate themselves hoard their own energy. They are not willing to flow and share and are stuck in their problem/negative thought patterns.

"Fear of heights".... "Fear of Commitment More like"

Again it is time to ask yourself some questions. Get out your journal. Write down some questions.

Am I afraid to be alone?

Do I make others responsible for my emotional happiness?

Do I avoid doing things by myself and make others (my friends, kids, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend) do them with me?

Do I use communication patterns to make others feel guilty and obligated?

Do I shut down rather than communicate?

Do I isolate and blame others for my unwillingness to connect to others?

Do I use my fear of the future, attachments to past or my own insecurities as an excuse not to maintain relationships?

Do I resort to a pattern of push you pull me pattern of being in relationships?

The key here is to become aware of extremes. Once you know your patterns you can choose to use your energy differently knowing that co-dependency on one end and emotional isolating on the other end are both forms of energy hoarding.

Once you are more aware of your own habits you can change your communication and interaction style to balance the flow of energy between yourself than the people in your life. Quite simply you will begin to consider and treat others in the way you would like to be treated.

The key thoughts will become: would I like it if they did that to me? and why am I choosing to communicate and interact in this way? At first you will need to journal things out to get to the real reasons behind your actions but eventually you will catch yourself in the middle of a problem/negative thought pattern and be able to turn it around if you really want to.

Once we look at how we relate to others we can look at how we measure our self-worth in other ways. In the next blog we will look more closely at negative problem thinking in the area of Esteem, Success, Achievement and Logical/ Rationality.

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Negative/Problem Thought Patterns: Empowerment, Pride, Security

Having reviewed the hierarchy of needs we can now start to look at each one in more detail. Remember this is not about making you feel bad about behaviors you might be exhibiting rather the hope is that you will use any deeper awareness or insights to change what you are doing.

Negative/Problem Thought Patterns: Empowerment, Pride, Security relate to the most basic level of getting needs met. On an energetic level getting these base needs met is for many people a very difficult part of their lives.

Problem/Negative Thought Patterns: Empowerment, Pride and Security

Problem/Negative Thought Patterns: Empowerment, Pride and Security depletes your personal energy and keep you repeating counter productive behaviors.

Negative/Problem Thought Patterns Related to Empowerment:

There are many examples where people lack empowerment. The most common of these are people who live with abusive people in their lives. The woman who stays with the physically, emotionally or sexually abusive husband for the sake of the kids , the man who stays in a job he hates with a demeaning and manipulative boss because he has a mortgage to pay , the young girl who suffers though sexual abuse at the hands of family and does not know how to stop it are just a few of the ways people get trapped in negative cycles at this level of need fulfillment. For many people this kind of life experience destroys their security (trust), pride (self-esteem and self-respect and ultimately their empowerment (ability to make healthy choices).  Listing the types of possible situations is not where the negative/problem thinking reeks havoc though. Many people live through and survive these kinds of situations and yet manage to become productive and even happy adults.

The negative/problem thinking is an issue in this area if the individual keeps reliving bad relationship experiences and repeating these in the new relationships they become involved in. When this happens it is like the person is stuck in a groove and is redoing the pattern over and over.  So they  keep attracting the same kind of partner, the same kind of boss or abusive people who have authority over them in very personal ways.

But you are reading this and saying “Hey, my relationships and my job  are not THAT bad!” and you are probably right. What we are talking about though is habits and energy patterns that become established  and how that impacts what you attract to you. So let’s look this idea in more detail.  If we believe in the law of attraction and that we each deserve good things in theory then how is it we end up attracting the total opposite of what we want into our lives?

Quite simply life experiences form how you think and that in turn forms more life experiences and so the cycle goes.  The difficult thing for most people is not in realizing that doing the same thing over and over is counter productive. Rather their issue is one of courage to deal with their ego and fears  Their  pride might get in the way and stop them from asking  for help or accepting help or new ideas when they come their way.  Ego and fear of others’ judgment can keep many people stuck in the negative/problem thought pattern as it relates to empowerment, pride and security just like an old vinyl record with a huge chunk out of it. The base fear guiding our actions at this level of the needs hierarchy is fear of material loss and the unknown future– “better the devil I know than the devil I don’t” kind of thinking process is key  at this stage.

Repetitive Negative/Problem Thought Patterns: A Skipping Record

Repetitive Negative/Problem Thought Patterns: A Skipping Record

Let’s look at the example of the person who is in the job he or she hates. Now whatever our situations no job is perfect and we all have financial responsibilities that will influence us to maybe stay longer in a job that is not a good fit in our lives.  I have done it and I am sure you have to but what we want to get at is what were you thinking in that time when you stayed and felt you had no other options? For me I was always focused on what I lacked, I worried about money and where my next work would come from. I doubted that I would be successful at whatever I was doing rather than believing good things about myself  I would fret about the big negatives I saw in me, my work and life situations.  I would say ” I don’t want to be poor!” rather than “Abundance is mine.” I would think “I hate my nasty @##%# boss!” rather than examining what I could learn from the situation. Focusing my energy this way while counterproductive was definitely a habit and while I could analyze to death why I thought that way the important thing became how to change it. I was angry and blaming and insecure for many years and had a real issue with help offered or constructive suggestions that friends offered. I was really in a bad ego place and felt that admitting my issues would mean I was weak, messed up and a bad person.

When I realized that how I was choosing to think was dampening my energy vibration I also had to take responsibility for the choices I was making. Now this did note mean that I dumped that crappy job right away, I had to learn from it and so I had to adjust my attitude. That adjustment then raised my vibration and so I drew more people to me who were happier and felt they had the ability to make choices and changes in their lives.

While this was a huge step forward, I was doing this process gradually over time and so in some areas of my life I was having great success with different levels needs fulfillment while in other areas or on other levels  I was still stuck in the grove of negative/problem thinking.

That being said let’s take this one step at a time and realize that this is a healing process.  How do we start to change old patterns? The simple answer is by gaining more self-awareness.  Keeping a journal and asking ourselves the tough questions can be a really go method to becoming more self-aware.  Doing this can really give you a true sense of self-empowerment.

Questions about your personal/self-empowerment pride and security to consider.

Am I staying and a bad relationship or work situation because of financial pressures?

Do I repetitively focus on the negativity of my situations rather than what I can learn from them?

Do I more often blame others in my life (my husband, wife or kids)  for the situations in which I find myself where I feel stuck or trapped?

Do I blame the universe (God is punishing me), the society I live in ( the economy is bad, or this is just what the world is about)  or my post life experiences (my mother/father never believed in me so I know I am not good enough) for the choices I make now?

Do I resist the reality of my level of unhappiness in these situations as a way to avoid the truth?

Am I prideful and refuse help offered and suggestions made by others that could help me change these situations?

While these questions might be intimidating or difficult to answer the key to Empowerment, Pride, Security is self-awareness that leads to action. With this in mind you may want to keep a journal where you keep track of your thoughts and answer these questions in writing. By putting thoughts in writing they become more concrete and we become very cognizant of our patterns.  Clarity and honesty are great ways to boost your energy/ vibrational frequency and start attracting to you what you do want in your life.

Self Empowerment Cartooon

Self Empowerment

Self-Empowerment is the charge that will Raise your energy/vibrational frequency.

In the next blog we continue our exploration of the needs hierarchy with a examination of Negative/Problem Thought Patterns: Belongingness, Acceptance and Love.

Problem/Negative Thought Patterns- Becoming Aware

In the previous post it was mentioned that brain chemistry is changed by how we think. Problem/ Negative thought patterns does alter the brain.  This seems logical to me but it does not mean that it is easy for us to change problem or negative thought patterns .  They are changeable but we can only make adjustments to our habits of thinking once we realize what they are and why we engage in them in the first place.

First of all we all have positive and negative thought patterns. They are just part of what it is to be human!  Thought patterns are our way of seeing the world and coping with what we are experiencing.

All thought patterns are our mind’s way of protecting us or helping us to get needs met. Problem/negative thought patterns are those thought patterns that might have worked for us in the past but are now no longer helping us function in our day-to-day lives. In fact, they tend to prevent us from reaching our fullest potential.

So what kinds of needs are these positive and problem/negative thought patterns trying to fulfill?

Maslows Hierarchy Of Needs A Pathway to Greater Personal Potental and Satisfaction

Maslows Hierarchy Of Needs A Pathway to Greater Personal Potental and Satisfaction

Empowerment, Pride, Security We all need to feel capable and independent and safe. We want to have our dignity and we want to have the right and ability to make our own choices. This need is all about the ego and unfortunately the ego can get out of check and this is when problem thought patterns form and result in actions  that prevent us from happiness and even alienate us from others.

Belongingness, Acceptance and Love
These patterns and related actions are connected to our social nature. Humans are social and each of us needs a certain level of interconnectedness with our families, friends and society as a whole. The problem arises when we are at the either end of the extremes. For example co-dependent on the one end or isolated on the other.

Esteem, Success, Achievement and Logical/ Rationality
This need is driven by our need for self-worth and a way of measuring it. While the ideas people have as to what denotes success, achievement and what makes them worthy differ the need itself is common for all of us. Thought patterns about this become problematic when we are so hooked into getting this need met that we stop enjoying life. It is usually at this time that people are also fixated on looking outside themselves tot the approval of others  meet this need.

Individualism, Relativism  and Sensitivity
While it is only natural to want to be free to express ourselves as people and it is quite true that you have your reality and I have mine, the trick is how do we balance your needs and mine so that we can create our own realities while respecting each others need for and right to individual self expression. Sensitivity is the key and that is where personal awareness comes in. Again our thought patterns in this area become problematic if we are unaware of our thoughts and actions and so act in ways that infringe on the needs and rights of others or allow others to dominate us and prevent our need for individualism from being met.

Self Actualization and Integration While this is the ultimate goal of self-discovery and self-awareness leading to personal emotional, mental and spiritual growth. This need is a challenge because it is in trying to fulfill this need that we must balance the other needs mentioned above even if fulfilling each of those individual needs seems contradictory at times.

In the next blog we will look at some of the particular problem/negative thought patterns as they relate to each area of need listed above.

I Think Therefore I am… What and How You Think Matters!

I Think Therefore I Am (I Think)... Cartoon

I Think Therefore I Am (I Think)... Cartoon

It is well understood in many spiritual traditions that thoughts have power and are real things. The more I work as an intuitive counselor the more I am convinced of this fact. Quite simply, what you think is what you manifest in your life be it positive or negative.  And while I do not like to give negativity any power.  science is discovering that prolonged stress does in fact change the chemistry of our brains! Yes there is a biological basis for the many mood disorders and stress related illnesses that people are coping with.  Depression may start out as situational ( related to our life circumstances) but if not dealt with it can cause permanent changes to the brain chemistry.

As a Spiritualist Medium/ Psychic Advisor I see many people who are under duress and for most of them (thank goodness) it is not an ongoing, protracted state of being.  It is however still a state of being that can impact our energy levels and our thinking. Herein is the rub… which came first the stress or the negative thinking? In other words is the stress causing our negative thinking or is our negative thinking causing stress?

In this series of blog posts we will examine:

Some common problem thought  habits.

How do these habitual patterns  bog down our energy vibration?

What are the effects of these unconscious patterns?

How did we develop these habits?

Why do these problem thought habits persist?

What can we do to release problem thought habits so we restore our energy vibration to its highest level?

What are the benefits of maintaining the highest vibrational level possible?

Welcome to Intuition Tells Me So…

Intuition (Giclee Print) Theresa Lucero

Intuition (Giclee Print) Theresa Lucero

Hello and welcome to Intuition Tells Me So…  It is my hope that as this blog develops you enjoy what you find here!

To tell you a  bit about me I am a professional psychic and spiritualist medium. I am often asked: How do you know that? How were you able to see that? What do you see around me?

I do not always know how or why I sense and say what I do but I do know that I am blessed to help people with my impressions and I do trust them because as the name of the blog suggests my Intuition Tells me so!

Profound life-changing messages do come out of the readings I do for clients that do not just apply to them alone.  With this in mind it is my intention to create a space that will allow you the reader to feel enlightened, inspired  as you read through the posts that are to follow.

Again welcome and blessings,